Hello everyone!

We know you are all anxious for an update..

Over the past few weeks the Dev team has been working hard with some of the exchanges to release two versions of the new wallet. One which will be the main version includes the push to deploy masternode system that so many of you are excited about and another that is for the exchanges only. The main reason for this came up during the first implementation of the wallet on the exchanges. Because this has never been done before it was an interesting discussion. Should we allow the exchanges the opportunity to deploy masternodes and collect rewards on coins that are technically not theirs?

The answer from our side and the community was no. In order to get around this we designed a new instance that excludes this feature and will only be used by the exchanges. This meant a new core build and testing to make sure that it would be not only stable but would not interfere with other reward instances running on the network. As of this weekend we have now tested and debugged the exchange version and are ready to move forward with the schedule. We know that a lot of you have been anxious to see the regular wallet but we need you to understand that these need to be deployed at the same time to avoid issues with the rewards system and possible down time on the exchanges.

In the meantime while we wait for the new schedule we wanted to share a short video that shows some of the main features running and at work to make sure you can see all of the hard work that has been done to date. Please see that video here.

In addition to the current exchanges, new exchanges will be using this new version as well. We have been in direct talks with HitBTC about the upcoming listing and will be announcing an awesome promotion that will kick things off over there very well. One thing that is worth noting is that PURA was accepted to HitBTC and expedited to listing ahead of a huge line of coins (8 month line…) based on their belief in our mission. It is also worth noting that PURA will most likely be the ONLY non ERC20 token that gets listed there this year due to the backlog. This is proving to be the case at other large exchanges as well.

Finally, we will also be launching a bounty program in the coming weeks to allow more and more people to use the new wallet and enjoy the benefits of push to deploy. This new program will be announced here in Telegram and will reward new users for trying the new wallet as well as allow existing users to benefit from referrals.

It has been a long few months getting these things and more moving forward and we are proud of our progress to date. While most coins have been focusing on competing against one and other in advertising we have been hard at work making useful and meaningful changes to our core. We hope that you enjoy the upcoming changes and look forward to growing PURA to new levels in the coming weeks.

Thank you all for being here for the journey.



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