The PURA Team

Great things in business are never done by one person.

They’re done by a team of people.

Steve Jobs

Vincent Fullerton

Development Lead

Software Architect, Network Specialist, Machine Learning Researcher, High Volume Payments Specialist, Co-Founder Maxima.


  • Artifical Intelligence 70%
  • Blockchain Coding 70%
  • Payment Solutions 90%
  • Artificial Intelligence 90%
  • Blockchain Coding 90%
  • User Experience 70%

Bogdan Peschir


Degree in Digital Currency, University of Nicosia, longtime experience in programming for blockchain-related industries.


  • Artifical Intelligence 30%
  • Blockchain Coding 80%
  • Security Specialist 90%

Norbert Vancsa


Norbert started programming and coding in peer-to-peer networks at an early age. He draws on a wealth of experience in software testing and quality management.


  • P2P Coding 90%
  • Imaging 50%
  • Software Testing 70%

Currently, the team consists of more than 20 experts from many different fields. PURA is a community-driven movement for the common good. Our entire team believes in changing the system for a better and fair future as more and more passionate pioneers are joining in, working behind the scenes …

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