Fair Mining with PURA Dawn

We are very excited to announce an innovative feature for PURA, which we just now have the opportunity to implement in our very next release PURA Dawn. At the moment, all major coins are facing the problem of “Dump Mining” that leads to an unfair distribution of mining rewards in the community.
The vision of PURA is to bring fairness and democratic freedom for the common good and therefore we will be the first cryptocurrency, which will implement a new feature to avoid “Dump Mining” from the very beginning!
For this reason, the PURA Development Team has decided to move the listing on other exchanges until this update is fully implemented and tested. It will also be necessary to transfer all the PURAs out of the Windows based PURA-Wallet and back into the PURA-Wallet of coinexchange.io in a certain timeframe, which will be published soon. Then after the new innovative feature has been released we will release a new version of the Windows based PURA-Wallet that will replace the existing ones.
This innovative feature will result in a fantastic unique selling proposition (USP) for PURA on the market, because other coins will not be able to implement a similar function without a hard fork.
We are proud to release PURA, the first “fair-mining-coin,” within the next weeks and will inform you about the progress frequently on our Official Facebook Page.

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