PURA Bounty Campaign

We believe in a decentralized economy and cryptocurrency community. Help us to tell the community about PURA, join our bounty campaign and get free coins as a bounty reward! We have reserved a total of 3.5 mn PURA for bounty campaigns, which was the overvalue at the genesis block after the Dawn Update and will spend 1 mn PURA in the initial PURA bounty campaign starting 5th of October 2017. The payouts will be done on a first come, first serve basis. When the initial budget of 1 mn PURA is exhausted, the PURA bounty campaign automatically stops and no more payouts will be executed.

It is important that you have access to that e-mail address and your PURA account password, as we will inform you about the transfer of bounty rewards to your PURA Wallet.

Join the PURA Bounty Campaign

Help us publish an article in the media! You can help us create an article or video blog on a popular media website or outlet. For example, you can write an article about PURA in Forbes, Coindesk, Bitcoinist, or in any other media relevant to finances and cryptocurrency. We will reward each article published:

  • In major international media ie. Coindesk, Bitcoinist, etc. with 1.000 PURA
  • In major local media ie. BTC-Echo with 500 PURA
  • In smaller-scale local media (industry related!) ie. private blog, social media, etc. (min. 1.000 readers of your article) with 100 PURA

In order to participate, please be prepared to write an autographic article in the PURA spirit on a professional level and to submit it for publication, then submit it via the link below


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