How can I exchange my PURA into cash?

We are working on a worldwide PURA Debit Card and worldwide PURA ATMs to be launched in 4.Quarter 2017.

How do I purchase PURA?

At the moment PURA is listed at coinexchange.io only. More exchanges will be added in the next weeks.

How do I set up a masternode?

Please see this link on setting up a masternode: https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/taos-masternode-setup-guide-for-dummies-updated-for-12-1.2680/

Please note the PURA port is 44444.

PURA community is actually working on a „How to“ Video

What are the technological requirements for setting up a masternode?

You need 100.000 PURA, a vps-server (Ubuntu 16) and the pura wallets to setup a masternode.

What do I need to start mining?

To start mining you require a miner client (GPU) or X11 hardware. You also need a PURA wallet address.

What is PURA Dawn?

PURA Dawn was the update of the original PURA coin. We added Difficulty Adjust (DELTA DIF) to the coin and adapted the first functions for mass market adoption. Please refer to (http://pura.one/dawn/) for further information.

What is PURA?

Pura is a decentralized cryptocurrency designed for fast and secure payments with an additional built in benefit for the common good.

Where do I set up a PURA wallet?

Please see our YouTube video “How to install the PURA wallet for Windows and secure your Private Keys” here: https://youtu.be/G9HsNrHX5v8


I missed the date of the PURA coin swap – what should I do?

Some days after the coin swap all not swapped coins were burned transparent. We are very sorry that we cannot offer any further exchange.

I would like to take part in the bounty – can you provide me with information?

We will start the first part of the bounty campaign in the next weeks. Please refer to the bounty section on the website when we start the campaign.

My wallet does not synchronize with my network. What should I do?
The wallet requires enabling of certain ports in your computer settings in order to communicate to the outside. If these ports are disabled by your internal firewall, synchronization may no longer be possible and as a result you are not able to view your latest transactions. Please consult your local network technician to resolve this issue.
On which mining algorithm is PURA based?

PURA is based on the algorithm X11. Please refer to the whitepaper for further informations:

What are the functions of the new wallet?

Private Pay – get more privacy on every transactios

InstantPay – use the fast Masternode system for instant confirmations with fast payments

Coin Control – Keep control over multiple walletadresses

Masternode – Control your Masternodes with your wallet

What is the difference between PURA and Puravidacoin?

Puravidacoin was the first draft of a new generation of payment coin. PURA is a totally new created blockchain and has nothing to do with Puravidacoin.

What types of PURA desktop wallets do you offer?

We currently offer Wallets for Windows 32+64, Linux 32+64, RasPI and Aarch64. You can download the wallets here:
More wallets for MacOS, iOS, Android will be added over the next weeks.

When I start my wallet for windows, I get an error message stating that all uncrypted data is deleted – why?

This is a warning that we recommend to secure your wallet with a password. Additionally you should save your private key separately to prevent yourself from loss of funds.

When will you offer PURA wallets for IOS and Android?

Development is underway to offer wallets for IOS, MacOS by end of November 2017.

Where can I find the private key in my windows-wallet?

The private key is located in the windows roaming folder


Which percentage is the Masternode-Reward?

The Masternode-Reward is not a fixed rate. On every mined block one masternode sequentially gets at the moment appx. 15 PURA reward. This means that the total achieved rewards depend on the total number of Masternodes (shown here: https://chainz.cryptoid.info/pura/) and to numbers of blocks mined (shown here: https://chainz.cryptoid.info/pura/#!overview)


Why do you use WordPress?

PURA is a community-driven decentralised cryptocurrency for the common good. Therefore we use WordPress, the world’s largest open source web-design platform, on our website. WordPress is easy to use and allows all members of our team, including those without expert knowledge in programming, to be part of the communication process. We support all kinds of open source and community-driven platforms like WordPress, because they are in line with our vision of decentralisation.

Why have I not been able to mine more coins?

The minins results of your miners depend on different variables, such as network hashpower, your mining pool etc. PURA is not able to predict on results or take influence on the results.

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